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Virtual Hen Do On Zoom

By 2nd June 2020No Comments

So during the COVID-19 pandemic my sister in law sadly had to postpone her wedding in the South of France. So as time grew closer to the wedding we were thinking of things to do to cheer her up. One of those being a Virtual Zoom hen do. We got our thinking caps on for Hen games, ones that would work virtually. I thought I would relate the evening and what we planned in the hope it can help some other bridesmaids, friends and family plan a virtual Hen too.

We started with a theme. The wedding was a Destination wedding in the South of France so we went with the theme: French Riviera. Dressing up with fun hats, Scarfs, statement sunglasses and stripes. After weeks in isolation it was somewhat alien to get dressed up and act as if you were going out for the night, but welcomed. We all prepared some French food such as breads, cheeses, and a selection of veg and fruit to have as nibbles throughout the evening. I took my inspiration from the amazing Grape and Fig. We also prepped the guests to gather some cocktail making ingredients to do a live cocktail lesson. Ive linked a page with many ideas for a gin Cocktails here.

Now to the Hen Games. They had to work virtually so we came up with the following ideas. Firstly we kicked off with the virtual cocktail making class. It was based on Gin, Champagne, lemon and Peach juice. Simple as possible under the circumstances due to low stock of some ingredients at supermarkets. It was a delicious Cocktail. We then played Mr & Mrs, basically ask the groom the same questions before hand and see if the bride gets them right. Click here for some question ideas.

Then we moved onto a scavenger hunt. We all had to find items that would go in the honeymoon bag… clothes, hats, suncream, toothbrush, a matching set of underwear. It was a real laugh all running around our respective houses. We then had a break for some of the French food.

Lastly a video had been put together including all friends and family saying a word each, it was really touching. Although apart an opportunity to all be together, we had friends and family from over 4 different countries join in. It was truly special. We then had another game Lined up which we didn’t have time for in the end. It consisted of dressing up as a bride and then different dress up themes. You would have a time limit on the amount of time to get ready and grab anything from your house and wardrobe.

As the night drew to an end there was so much love. Cousins, Mums, Aunts and Friends from as far as New Zealand with lifted spirits all celebrating together. I hope the above ideas are helpful for planning a fun, successful Virtual Hen do on zoom.

And if you are a bride who’s getting married abroad in the future do check out my Destination Wedding Stationery blog post.

Lots of Love – Aimee x










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